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 Workout time

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Kara Zor-El

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PostSubject: Workout time   Tue Apr 14, 2015 12:36 am

Kara was walking down the street in her disguise. Brown wig in a ponytail and green eyes contacts. Her outfit of the day was a hoodie, a sports bra, pants and some sneakers. She decided today would be the perfect day for a workout session. After all she needed one. Especially since Clark wasn't in the area to help save the city like he usually was. She needed to make sure she still knew all of her moves. As she walked there, she heard a few men catcall her. Which she happily ignore. Thankfully she brought a mp3 player, so she just put the ear-buds in her ears and turned on music. After that she didn't hear anyone. Which brought a bit peace to her mind. Unlike how she use to be Kara didn't really like being the center of attention. Back in highschool she was due to being the cheerleading captain, but she wasn't in highschool anymore. So there was no need to act like it.

After a while of walking, Kara finally made it. Once getting in she gave the gym her membership ID. She smiled when they all said hello to her, glad that she came back after a while. To them she was on vacation which was why she hadn't come back. When really she was keeping the town safe, thinking about Logan, and other stuff. It had been a week since she last saw Logan at the local bar. She had been too nervous to text him, and he hadn't texted her. Maybe they were just better at talking face to face? That's what she was thinking due to every time she tried to text him, her heart would race and she'd get nervous. But talking to him in person was a lot easier...

As she started to think about him, Kara went to her normal place in the gym so she could stretch before working out. She took her backpack off and set it on the floor before taking off her hoodie, placing right by her backpack. She turned her music on again, but this time a little bit higher so she could block everyone out. Kara then proceeded to stretch. First her arms, then her legs, and then her whole body.

Right when she finished, Kara moved her right arm behind her back, stretching it a little as she thought about what to do first. But next thing she knew, she felt someone come right up on her and roughly pin her arm against her back. Moonlit eyes widened before they narrowed as she quickly took action and elbowed them with her free hand. This made their grip loosen a bit, letting her get out of their hold as both of her arms went behind her and grabbed the person's arm, flipping them over her instantly. Kara immediately went over them, ready to punch them as they were on the ground. Moonlit eyes were narrowed and she looked like she was ready to attack. That was until.. she saw it was Logan.

Her eyes widened as she stood up straight, taking her ear-buds out as she backed away from him. "Logan!?" She asked out in shock, not really prepared to have seen him. Plus she had just flipped him over her shoulder, which made her feel bad.

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Logan Howlett

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PostSubject: Re: Workout time   Tue Apr 14, 2015 1:06 am

Logan had been in the gym, working out (obviously). He had the day off and he wasn't in the mood to work out with Steve or anyone else at S.H.I.E.L.D.. Clark being out of town made it hard for him to have someone else to work out with, and who really knew what Victor was doing.

With how work had been going for him, he hadn't had a lot of time to himself, or to see if Kara was available. He figured he could call her after work hours, or just go by her office to see if she wanted to get a bite to eat later.

What he hadn't expected to happen was for Kara to walk right into the gym he was working out at. The moment she walked in, her scent reached him over all of the smelly scents. It stuck out to him and he moved over to her.

He noticed she was wearing her ear phones and he could even hear the music from where he was. Smirking a little, he moved closer to her, being quiet. Let's see if you've improved any over the years, fly girl... He thought, before taking his opportunity when she had her right arm behind her back. Roughly, he pinned her arm against her back, not wanting to let off that it was him. If he was gentle, she would know right away.

He was surprised when she elbowed him, before flipping him over. He landed with a grunt, feeling a bruise coming on, despite the mat. They don't call her Super girl for nothing... he thought, as she went over him, raising her arm back, ready to punch him.

He just grinned at her, looking at her with one eye open. She immediately backed off and took out her ear-buds. Sitting up, he rolled his shoulder, the bruise already healing on his back before it could fully form. "Good to see you too." He said, smirking at her as he stood up.

"I'm impressed, you have been training." He said, crossing his arms, nodding in approval at her moves.
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Workout time
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